I have broken out of my shell at last

A duck egg mottle of blue and gold

Within the shine, the safe, encircled

Without the fear, our world, its temptations

Breaking out of this fragile edge

Into rainbows, and puddles

Sunshine and forests

Where once were floods

Are now fertile soils

And the people gather

To hear wise words

For the old oak shelters

Her kith and her kin

We who break down our circle of safety

Have shattered this shell

Which ensnared our devouring

So each of our tribesfolk

Are reaching the edges

Of cities and villages, towns and farms

For The Gathering Clans

Are coming to land

Beyond worlds full of absence

In honour of life

Our homecoming tells

Of the stories the myths

Where those who trod first

On this newly laid land

Are breaking new ground

In the tale of a round earth

Are bringing new worlds

To retrieve from the old

All that was lost

In our hearts in our souls

We are breaking out free

From enslavement.

We are tilling the earth

In wonder, in care

As children weave playful

With leaves, sticks and stones

And the old folk are laughing

For old ways are gone

We are breaking the shell

Of a world which is rotting

Our servitude gone

To the dry bones of desert

breaking out free

From a culture imprisoned

by gold, jewels and wealth

Where money is god

From the pathway to ownership

Greed begets greed

From the altar of worship

Where grabbing, and death

Lie low in their hearts.

Look beyond now,

See the shell open wide

As new life emerges

Her birth cord pulsates

Earth is repealing

Her song for this time

Singing only for those

Who can hear her bells

Of the beauty once hidden

A paradise lost

She reveals in her majesty


And we gather to pray

At the moon, at the sun

And we gather to pray

For all

Who are listening

Songs of our grandmothers

telling our tales

Of the soil.

As the shell lies discarded

A husk reveals

Those valleys, and mountains

Where rivers flow wild

For the people are waiting

Let miracles come.

Let a change in the wind

Bring the men bound in servitude

Back from their chimera

When cities of traders

Rule yurt dwelling wise men

The world cannot breathe

For she gasps at the vileness

And gatherings grow

Like mushroom clouds.

Where are the women

Who lead from the back

Where are the elders

Who come to our aid

Where are the young ones

Who know of a future

Built on foundations

Of surety and care

Day one is coming

Where new worlds are born

And the rainbows of warriors

Scan the horizons

For there is the sign

We are ready to rise

For there is the sign

We are here.

Listen oh tribe

Listen and hear

Gather in groups

Create music and love

Share in the life

Gifted you on this earth

With the birds, and the animals

Trees and the flowers

All have a place

Beyond money, and greed

All have a space

Where new birth is welcomed

The shamans of old

Have awoken to show you

Now is the time

To be born.

Anna Tara Yakov

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