Shamanism –  a most ancient form of healing, reverance for mother nature and honour for the connection to all living things.

I offer all aspects of shamanic healing and insights, and have over thirty five years experience in the shamanic fields. I have taught shamanic practice to others and have learnt from ancient masters, beings and elders in this country and elsewhere.

I continue to work daily with my guides, teachers and helpers in the realms of plants and trees, animals, stones, elements, angelic and spirit realms, ancestors and the wise overseers of our lands. This path is never ending and much needed at this time on our planet.

It is my belief that only by using our shamanic insights, wisdom and energies, can true balance return,  for ourselves, our communities and our world.

I incorporate shamanic healing into therapy when needed.


Shamanic Healing and Consultations now available, in person and online.

Some Aspects of shamanic healing include:

Soul Retrieval – the form of healing which reverentially returns lost aspects of our soul to our being – often useful when there has been trauma in the past and we feel ’empty’ or lost inside.

Power Animal Retrieval – For those in need of extra personal power, to enable help in grounding, belief in ourselves and direction in life.  For when we feel ‘out of synch’ with our lives in some way, or are facing particular transitions and challenges.

Extraction – To remove or otherwise discard aspects of soul or other. These can stem from earlier times in our life or  previous history such as ancestors. Often indicated when we cannot find our own voice, or expression in life, as if we are taken over by others or not strong enough to follow our path.

Ancestral Healing – To enable our dna self be free of the history of any toxic past and allow our present self to be free to live a life from our own soul purpose. This is useful in nearly all of us, as we tend in our current culture to not acknowledge the history we carry within – both negative and positive, it carries powerful resonance.

Guides and teachers – We travel to shamanic realms to find guidance, support and insights from wise beings who can enable life to be lived in harmony with the forces of nature and our own soul being.

Though all these are traditional forms of shamanism, I am always shown what is needed by my own helpers and often a mixture of shamanic portals open during the sessions, for true transformation to occur.  I recommend shamanism alongside therapy to integrate emotionally and psychologically the energetic experience holistically.

Shamanism is a profoundly transformational path – based on love in action. 

The form of shamanism I offer may include use of drums, rattles, sounds, silence, movement and sharing.  I am guided always by my teachers. 

I offer one off sessions of two hours, or a group of six sessions every two weeks.

Contact me for an introductory meeting to explore the possibilities.

Online or meeting in person.  

One session – £150

Six sessions – £ 700

I am always negotiable on fees if money is the only inhibiting factor in your healing.

‘Anna I can’t really put into words my deepest gratitude and appreciation for our healing session today.  You supported me and held me through some very deep healing processes involving both my own personal wound and that of the collective divine feminine. We were very in tune as we worked together ……. The energies were very high and very pure.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.”


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