The Earth Speaks

Retreat Days/Weekends for Listening to Earth Mother 

Welcome to a full retreat day or weekend 

  • Are you looking to connect more deeply to earth and each other?
  • Are you awakening to an ancient aspect of yourself, one that is expanded, heart based and soul aligned
  • Are you ready to be of true service to the earth, yourself and others?
  • Do you long to belong?

The Earth Speaks days are for all who are called to be of service to mother gaia and humanity.Together and separately we will hone the skills of deep listening- with the aim of creating a tribal container for the day.. to deepen into each essence flame and ground us in mother earth’s wisdom.
We will share, care, and be mindful of our heart and soul’s needs to create a new portal for living lightly on this earth..This will include relational aspects, personal aspects and planetary aspects.

Individual and group retreat days available.  

We may create a piece of art to represent our collective vision.

Our format will be flexible, to include:

  • Inner silence 
  • Shared words
  • Journeying to explore our heart’s longing.
  • Group/belonging explorations
  • Sacred cacao ceremony..
  • Guided movement and sound to embody our quest.
  • Sharing in circle as men and women, our truths and our wishes in this new paradigm we are creating.
  • A vision quest to find our listening self – for both individual and collective answers to our longings to be of service to ourselves and others

All retreats are safe, sacred and deep explorations into the heart of what it means to live in harmony with mother gaia and our true natures. Our listening selves will guide us and our need for connection will be our compass.

Contact Anna for any more information or to book a reduced fee/free place.

‘As I sit in silent beauty 
Orchard of blossom blowing kisses to my heart,
A tended mother- earth garden holding sway
Till my heart breaks wide with well-deep sorrow,
For all un-mothered men
Whose longings to be felt,
Softened, cushioned
Lie unmet in their graves…..
I grieve for sons and fathers
Turned cruel in power.
Their soft-bellied human-ness
Harshly knotted
By eons of abandoned hope…
Our women walk out from the ocean
To meet you…
Mothers and daughters
arms outstretched for the male
Who harshly stands
Heart in a straight-jacket
Bearing a stick to beat….

Who will bring back the mother to our world
Who will give nurture once more
To the young ones who are
Our future?
Who will take care of the earth now
If our men cannot stand gently
Allowing their hearts to be ripped open?

Anna Grace-Jacobs
April 2019

I was drawn instinctively to Anna’s group, even though I had not been to anything like it before. I’ve not been disappointed and leave feeling connected, nourished, and revitalised. Her groups have made a big difference to my life.


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