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Welcome Home to Yourself


Within the portal of our journey together, we weave a tapestry of your life to discover a belonging and connection – 

If you are looking for a safe, deeply professional and holistic psychotherapist who can meet you in humility and honesty, contact me. I can help heal the ancient wounds you carry, whether from childhood, separation or divorce, issues of mental health,  grief history or an exploration of your personal growth.

Working through the layers held in our bodies, facing trauma safely, enabling inner child work, reaching for a deeper creative self in life and in relationships, can be transformative. 

We may incorporate – Inner Child Work, Trauma Therapy, Creative Tools for growth, Somatic Process, Mindfulness, Soul Awareness

I have specialist experience of thirty five years in:

Bereavement and loss, family relationships and attachment histories, transitions, trauma therapy, anxiety and depression, early childhood issues, creative arts for growth.

I also link soul therapy and shamanism into my therapy when requested.

Meeting the layers of the past or trauma, we may slay dragons, face the shadow lands, lay down shields, hold your inner child safe, discover new boundaries, and surrender to the unknown forces of life.

Till you reach the new lands of homecoming and belonging.

Especially for Highly Sensitive People, those who meet the world with deep empathy, and vibrate at a different frequency.

I have many years experience (over 40 years!) in Counselling & Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, the Arts, Group Facilitation, Creative Supervision.  I have pioneered services in Cancer Care and Palliative Care, Counselling in Schools, Abuse Survivors, Attachment Disorders & Embodiment Work.

I incorporate mindfulness, spiritual practice, soul awareness and nature based practices in our journeys when requested.

If you are looking for an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist or supervisor, either online or in person, please get in touch.

Based in  Bristol/Mendip Somerset & York/Wetherby/Harrogate UK 

Online via Zoom Anywhere.

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‘I’ve been blessed to work with Anna both privately and professionally and feel that she offers her unique gifts with gentleness, wisdom and integrity. She is a true wise woman, unafraid to speak her truth which she does with great sensitivity. Whether working individually or within a group setting, Anna offers an opportunity to reconnect with our own soul path and remember who we truly are. She brings much joy to her work!’
Sara Thorne MNCS Prof Accred

”I came to Anna, due to suffering from anxiety for years which was debilitating and impacting on my everyday life. Having tried a couple of therapists before, Anna was the first who made me feel completely safe to talk about and address past trauma. She gave me tools to help manage my anxiety but more importantly, helped me to explore the root of the issue which has given me a calmness and happiness that I never thought was possible. For that, I am truly grateful and would highly recommend. ‘

Sandtray training day – 

‘A gem of a training, rich, clear, instructive, informative and imaginative!  Highly recommend it.’


Sandtray training day –

‘A fantastic, wholesome, safe and enriching day…’


Work With Me

Soulful therapies, counselling/psychotherapy, creative work and sandtray therapy to help you reach your full potential.

Explore Sandtray Therapy and the Creative Arts.

Find out more about my regular events/ retreats and groups

Reclaiming our sacred ground – ” I would recommend this day to anyone who is wanting to reconnect with a deeper sense of their feminine power. This was a great way to experience this way of working and healing. Anna provided a welcoming and nurturing space to bring and explore the difficult and celebratory aspects of what it means to be a woman. Anna has a wonderful intuitive, nurturing and creative approach and offered a number of exciting experiential ways throughout the day to connect with, move through and express ourselves our place on our path individually and together as a group. It was a powerful day that has stayed with me and inspired me.” 

Dr Sophia Gazla (MResPsych, CPsychol, DCounsPsych) Chartered Counselling Psychologist BPS, HCPC

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