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The journey of counselling, therapy, soul healing and creative therapies all lead to one thing… coming home to yourself.  .

When we turn to face our shadows with a hand holding, something subtle happens, the universe shifts, light  floods in,  past traumas and fears sinks to a lesser voice within your heart.

Come when you are ready.

Online & Face to face.


Counselling & Psychotherapy

Within a safe, respectful space I offer deep embodied psychotherapy and counselling for you to explore your needs and wishes in life. Based on over 35  years training as psychotherapist, counsellor and healer we travel the journey of growth and transformation.  Although I love to offer long term therapy over a period of time, I am also trained in shorter term counselling if this is your need.

The crucible of therapy holds the stirring of the pot through which you sip your soup of life.  It is a place of exploration, emotion, sense and integration.  Coming back home to yourself is our task together. The pot becomes a more conscious, authentic container ready to reveal your true magnificence.

Our embodied senses inform how we live on this world…as tiny babies we landed, vulnerable, open, ready to grow… often our reception was not met with enough love, holding, attention, right relationship.. as we grew, our bodies became stuck or fixed in certain ways… our psyche reaching out to try meeting our own needs… Our beliefs took on different forms, not nourishing us,  the love, life,  joy we need.. we struggled in relationships, or felt dissatisfied in expression, unfulfilled in life… perhaps old fears surfaced, or new griefs and transitions shake up our lives…

When we are ready, the call to come home can be heard within asking to be recognised…finally we are ready.

I incoroporate embodiment exercises, empathic explorations, creative techniques and trauma-based skills, alongside the deeper process of psychotherapy.  Your needs inform all our work together. If you are highly sensitive, creative, holding past trauma, or simply ready to grow, I am ready to meet you for the journey of a lifetime.

Contact me for more information.

Fees : £ 60 – 45 per session – I offer a sliding scale for those on reduced income, and a slight reduction for  four weeks payment in advance.


Anna’s style is safe, empathic, non-judgemental, enabling and supportive…


Soul Therapy 

Soul Therapy integrates shamanic therapy, healing, mindfulness and embodiment work. For over 25 years, this form of therapy has touched many souls, and I am honoured when asked to meet you at this level of connection

When complex stress, constant obstacles, or challenging transitions occur, or a sense of your life’s path has somehow been thrown off course,  soul therapy can deeply touch your core self, to enable new life to emerge, or old stagnant parts of yourself to dissolve.  

During a session, lasting two hours, we will call on hidden realms, shamanic guides, nature elements, healing, and seership  together with my knowledge of our energy bodies and spiritual practice.

This ancient form of healing can be especially helpful for ancestral clearing, unblocking entrenched trauma, releasing stuck life force energy and transforming chronic illnessess which affect body and soul. It is also possible to ask specific questions on guidance at these times.

Sometimes the sacred drum or rattle are used –  sometimes silence or words and sounds emerge. Traditional shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extractions or psychopomp work may inform this journey.

We touch the essence of life during our time together. With the connection we create, balance, harmony, hidden radiance and new vitality can emerge.

I have offered soul therapy throughout the UK, and for many years attended Chalice Well Healing Weekend in Glastonbury Uk each summer, where I was able to reach more people.  

Fees: 100.00  per session – some concessions available.

My experience of this work is deep and profoundly moving and the ripples of this can still be felt a week later. It feels very holistic work, connecting body, mind and spirit. 


Sandtray & Creative Therapy

Sandtray therapy is a unique form of creative expression for growth – begun with Dora Kalf, a Jungian Analyst, in the 1950’s, it is now recognised as a highly effective therapy for deeper psychotherapeutic growth. I have been offering Sandtray Therapy for over 25 years and train other professionals in this medium.

Using the tools of the sand box and miniatures placed within, a creative world of expression opens up. It is similar to dream therapy, yet profoundly embodied in experience. 

Touching sand can be soothing, enlivening, sensual – wet or dry on our skin evoking memory, form… placing figures and objects which then evoke responses, stories, feelings, solutions.

All of human existence can be placed in the sandtray, and I never fail to be humbled at the depth of this exploration.

Alongside the sandtray, I offer other creative mediums such as drawing  and art making.   These support our psyche when words cannot help.  Using our hidden creative forces, we can discover feelings, solutions, needs, which normally remain hidden.  Art supports us in finding an archetypal, ancient language of growth and wellbeing.


Fees : £60 per session. I offer  a sliding scale for those on reduced income, and a slight reduction for four weeks payment in advance. 


“Anna has a profound understanding of Sandtray Therapy. Her own personal experience of life, skills and experience as a therapist adds to the rich dimensions of this work.  Thank you Anna.”



I offer creative, psychotherapeutic supervision for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.  I offer support to therapists working with children, young people and families as well as those in adult therapy with clients.  I am qualified and highly experienced in supporting you to be the best possible therapist for your clients. Contact me for more information.  

 I am available online via Zoom for all therapies and healing.

Venues  slowly opening – contact me for updates.


 Clifton Practice  Rooms Bristol Currently on hold  


Mendip  – Some Availability

Skype/Zoom to anywhere in the world

If you have questions or require further details please contact me at the link below or via the details as above.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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