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  I offer deep embodied psychotherapy/ counselling.

Shamanic therapy for transformation.

Creative tools for change.

A safe place for transformation;  turning to face our shadows and trauma with heart.

Discover creative living & vibrancy in body psyche and soul.

 Via Zoom for now..

Contact details: 07809886710


Counselling & Psychotherapy

During our journey together, I offer a safe, respectful space based on thirty five years training as psychotherapist, counsellor and healer. We may meet for just a few hours or over a longer period.

The crucible of therapy becomes a place of exploration, emotion, sense and integration.  Coming back home to yourself in body, soul and psyche is our task together.

I honour the journeys we share. You bring your history whether trauma, over sensitivity, heart break, loss, transition or other enquiry. I bring the portal to walk through alongside you.

In practical terms, we may talk, experience body exercises, create art or sandtray pictures, or experience inner or shamanic exercises. As with all my work, presence, empathy and a container are the vital ingredients in our relationship.

Fees : £100 -60  per hour or part of hour.

Reduced fees for advance payment of four sessions

Some concessionary rates available.

Anna’s style is safe, empathic, non-judgemental, enabling and supportive…


Shamanic Transformational Therapy 

Based on thirty years training and practice in shamanic therapy, healing, seership and tantra practices, vibrancy can return to your body, aligning soul, life force and true self.

Our bodies are the portal to growth, with no separation between body and soul, psyche and emotion.

We will use the laser lens of the shamanic vision, to explore where your blocks and limitations are, which aspects of the past/ancestry are ready to be released, and how to move towards your true life that you deserve now.

This may or may not include traditional shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and extractions.

We may touch on:

The energy and embodiment of life : linking to karma, akashic records, spiritual lessons, past lives ; traumas past and current; directions and life paths; ancestral clearing; relationships & family; soul retrieval and alignment; emergent awakening aspects of self, your life’s purpose, your working and relational life.

The focus throughout is how to bring life and fulfilment into your being.

This therapy is particularly helpful for specific questions you may have about your life, for queries about your soul’s path and for those who are already leaders in their own field, but need a specific clear out to move to the next stage.

My experience of this work is deep and profoundly moving and the ripples of this can still be felt a week later. It feels very holistic work, connecting body, mind and spirit. 


Fees : £100 per hour or part of hour.

Concessionary rates available.


Sandtray & Creative Therapy

I am a specialist in sandtray therapy, a unique form of creative expression in the therapy room – using the tools of sand within a box, and miniatures to place within, a world of expression opens up.

This enables you to explore your life and feelings safely with support. Most clients absolutely love the sandtray experience once they begin – all of human existence can be placed in the sandtray, and I never fail to be humbled at the depth of this exploration.

I also train other therapists in sandtray therapy.

I also incorporate other aspects of creative therapies into these meetings, having trained in both the arts and play therapy.  

“Anna has a profound understanding of Sandtray Therapy. Her own personal experience of life, skills and experience as a therapist adds to the rich dimensions of this work.  Thank you Anna.”


Venues I am available – 

All venues currently closed – I am available via Zoom for all therapies and coaching.  

 Clifton Practice  Rooms Bristol on Tuesdays – Currently on hold due to the Corona Virus Sheltering in Place 


Mendip  on Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays 

Skype/Zoom to anywhere in the world

If you have questions or require further details please contact me at the link below or via the details as above.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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