Today I felt held in a gorgeous crucible of love – I am glowing with this sense in all my cells. My being self, as the beacon of light, glowed bright, and I was nourished. I am feeling a sense of flow and trust renewed – a recent relationship was a microcosm of the macro side of our world, where masculine forces of rigidity, fear, potential abuse and lack of trust of the invisible and earth cycles are present.  It is a good time to reclaim these qualities of flow, trust and love. Our world is on the brink of such portentious changes that all help is needed and welcomed by mother gaia.

I am one of many offering this energetic, hidden support to the world right now – as a being of light, an oracle, beacon and healer/seer, I feel into the invisible, the unseen yet vital fabric of our beautiful gaia.  Much of our world still denies the value of how I live my life, but slowly this is changing.  Our world needs this quality desperately and my shamanic self knows this.

But we cannot do this alone any more. The artists and writers, the creators and visionaries, are vital for these times.  Our felt sense has been continuously devastated by the onslaught of science, denial, lack of sacred and ignorance of the cycles of the earth  .  We are now entering a time when the collective experience is vital and powerful. This brings also a recognition that our connection to all living things and the hidden more invisible sides of life are at the very core to our world. Science is now discovering this. 

Our very future depends on this.

This beautiful earth has been paying a price for too long of our lack of harmony and light – power and destruction, abuse and mayhem are what happens when love and light are not allowed to be the source of our world.  This is indeed the wiser feminine principle beginning to return to balance the over-fearful dominating masculine principle.

Now is the time to be connected, not separate.  The forces which are determined to wreak havoc on our world cannot be allowed to hold sway any longer – all my guidance and instincts know this to be true, and each of us has a part to play in enabling a new world to arise.

If you are reading this, ask within you, what is your role in helping awaken the forces of light and of love at the very heart of life on earth – What is your part in the mosaic of life?

Let the forces of nature once again guide us, and allow the plants, animals, stones, living things have their rightful place alongside our human world.  We are not the dominators, the creators – we are the humble beings who have inherited some form of consciousness in order to learn our place in this our home, and we are still learning. Let us learn with wisdom, humility, consciousness and expansiveness.  Let us see beyond our current circumstances and envision the world as it is meant to be – a place of harmony, care, kindness, respect for all living things and where the reciprocity between the earth’s resources and our needs are carefully and mindfully shared.  This is our future, for ourselves, for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

I send a prayer out to all of us, that we may be able to move beyond this awful destruction. fear and abuse, to a place once again of harmony and respect. 

With love

Anna Tara Yakov

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