Let the culture of honour return!

As a woman of elder years… to be honoured and respected is something I hold dear… it is not typical in this world, to honour an elder – even a woman who has had many successes – and certainly not for her beauty, or sexuality or grace-  we view the elderly population as ones to receive pity, not revered for their wisdom and ancient years of knowledge.  To receive pats on the back as we slowly fade into the sunset, not causing any offence with our wrinkled brows, our stories of the past, and our ancient values.  Yet honour is returning…

Our souls long to be honoured, by partners, family  and friends, neighbours, community, shopkeepers, teachers, all others,  as we move beyond our years . …

To be honoured is to know our place in the world as valid.

Whether man or woman, we struggle to remain visible in our elder time – and as a woman I notice this constantly…..

Yet to feel honoured is to be alive, to know our life has meaning,  experience the look in the eyes of the younger ones who say ‘yes, we love what you tell us, show us, reveal to us’ as if it is gold dust to be treasured.

To feel honoured brings a hum to our inner spirits, a validation to life so far, a hope to future life. 

What is honour?  But a humble bow to the one who holds a special place in your heart. 

A deep recognition that the elder is held in high regard for her or his being b y their community…

A finding of rare quality like the discovery of a hidden ancient tome, with secrets long forgotten.

How I feel the honour when taking my place as an elder in a circle, like an initiation of sorts…  Into womanhood. ..true lifeblood with roots deep into the earth.  Into knowing,  trusting, and hoping that what I share, or feel, or have to teach is of value to others.

When we truly feel honoured, just as when we truly honour another, we  feel love enter our bones and blood,  sinews and hearts, body and soul.

We come alive…

I wish to be honoured for my deep female being… my s&xuality and my ecstatic life flow…

I wish all of us elders to be honoured for our energy,  achievements, losses and gains… feelings and  creations, joy and grace…

And to all I say,,, I honour you.. all you elders hiding behind knotted woods and trees, not daring to show your true colours, your own beauty, magnificence, creations, life blood, I honour your not knowing, not feeling ready , but know you are valued as you are, and loved and yes honoured..

I bring you back to feel the honour in your breath, to bathe in the honour of another as the light enters your frame…..

I bring honour back to sit at the table of life, sip her drink, find her seat, one that has been waiting all her life for the discovery .. I bring the culture of honour back to her rightful place… for all of us now.


Anna Grace-Jacobs

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