If you happen to find yourself on the pathway to my door, hesitating, unsure…. humming a tune of soft nectar, wondering how it can be, you lived without your truth for so long……know that you are on the right journey, I am joyous of your arrival, this way has been waiting for you, meandering…. winding….hilly,  rambling…. ever reaching closer…..

If you find yourself coming near, reaching the door, beginning to knock….. know that I am here, ready, loving your fibre, seeing your truth, sharing your discovery, honouring your wisdom… for you are my family, my tribe and we share a knowing beyond words, past the concrete harshness which was life, we share a present laden with gifts and meaning, a future waiting to unfold into timelessness….. so full with remembered joys…. we are connecting, rising….the world waits for us……

If you find yourself hesitating at the garden gate, watching it swing gently in the breeze, hinges creaking… know when the time is right, you will open and enter the garden of delights.. here in the arbour of scents and abundance, oak trees and stone circles, you may find all you seek, as we meet together to remind you of yourself, your own wisdom arising….. together we touch our magnificence and humanity, our bodies swaying to the music of gaia.

If you happen to see my eyes open to yours, soul to soul,  when the door is wide and expectant… know you are a mirror to my being and I to yours, for we are of the same tribe, we smell the perfume in the earth, the soil in our feet, the nectar in our blood, and know you have come home to yourself at last……

Welcome fellow travellers…….if you happen to reach for me, I will be there with open arms, ready to hold you as you fall, discovering what has been hidden…. bowing to you as you rise in true radiant glory at last….

Men, women, children, my home is ready… my breath is soft…. my heart is expanded so wide she takes in all our lost ones, now we find ourselves at last …………

If you happen to sense in your being, the very fibre of you… the golden thread linking us, meandering in ancient shining… know you are not alone… know you are ready in your own time, to share the dance this glorious life offers….   I am awakening, emerging, like the morning dew as she glistens on the pure petals of azure and crimson… I am ready to meet you….

Come share the dance of life, dear ones….. and we will celebrate our rising together…..

Anna Tara xxx

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