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The true masculine is awakening, the true divine masculine which has been lost and forgotten, hidden behind aggression, fear, abuse, armour, lack of feelings, lack of respect, control and more.  Men are waking up to their true being as a mirror of the divine masculine power, gentle yet focused, nurturing and strong, embracing and supportive while also holding to material well being. The true masculine is perceptive, open hearted and wise, while knowing there are lessons to be learnt of using power gracefully and humbly.  Women are placing their inner divine masculine into a more rightful place in their hearts, moving beyond the fear of past abuses.

It is now time for us to place the masculine in its rightful place in our lives both within ourselves and in our being.

For many years I have been learning about the masculine side of life, both within myself and without.  This began in my family, continued after a separation of my past partner twenty years ago and has culminated in my current life’s enquiry of the Beloved.  We are all learning to balance our family’s messages with our own newly emerging wholeness,   whether as male or female.

My family message as a female was simple – do not trust men, they are like children, to be undermined; do not allow them power, mentally ‘castrate’ them, and remain cautious, as they will abuse and use you if you let them in. Retreat from anger, and do not engage with your own anger, as it is dangerous. Face them with fear…….. A powerful negative message indeed.

Growing up, I felt more like a man inside than a woman, despite having a beautiful woman’s body,and a gentle loving nature.  I wanted to be successful, I wanted ambition, I explored sexuality and avoided true intimacy.  I was not very integrated. My inner masculine was wounded and influenced by by family patterns, by some experiences which mirrored this and by my past life memories held in the ancestral vortex all women hold.

This all changed when I finally had a child, something I had always wanted. She was my gift to finally accept wholeness.

From this time on I explored how I could develop my whole new loving self to include my inner masculine and have this reflected in a healthy relationship  to the outer masculine in my life.  My female self blossomed as my inner masculine healed, my mothering, feminine, powerful priestess and healer self finally given rightful place in my life. However, I was still surrounded mainly by women, my clients were women, my close friends all women for many years.

Finally, after a partnership lasting a few years, which held a mirror up to both my growth and lessons for my own  inner masculine, I divorced myself from this history. I began to heal my inner masculine totally.  I went through a divorce ceremony within to let go of these ancestral patterns.  I recognised the last of the sabotaging patterns which had affected this partnership and worked hard to love all of myself.  My inner masculine became more and more whole and strong, as I spent many years, enquiring, healing, deepening and balancing.

I knew I was ready to emerge  as an awakened woman when I found more men than women were turning to me for my healings and therapies.  I was ready to accept my inner masculine as a beautiful, grounded, loving focusing influence on my life and this was reflected in my availability to support outer men in this work.

At this time I moved home, I changed life situation, I met my current beloved partner and I opened to new possibilities.

Letting go of my need to live in the more masculine world of working for others, of needing an outer ‘identity’ as service co-ordinator’ or similar, I fully embraced my true healer/seer/teacher/ priestess self. My inner masculine no longer had control of me.  I had given him a new voice within, one which gave him honour for his values  of focus, earthiness including material wealth, shiva consciousness in my spiritual and sexual life, and support.  I acknowledged within his vital part in my life and I celebrated .

Now I am able to embrace a whole loving masculine  within and without.  Now many men come to me as well as women, for healing, support, and teachings and I am honoured to be available for this.  Now I am flowing in my female priestess self while knowing my inner beloved divine masculine has his powerful, whole loving and grounded self within me, supporting and guiding. Now I am integrated.

I am amazed at what I missed all those years ago – the masculine as beautiful, strong, powerful yet sensitive, guiding yet respectful,  sexually alive and honouring of the goddess and god within us all.  My family was never able to appreciate this truth.

The true masculine is awakening, the true divine masculine which has been lost and forgotten, hidden behind aggression, fear, abuse, armour, lack of feelings, lack of respect, control and more.  All these I have faced,  all these are dissolving now, as we place the masculine in its rightful place in our lives.

If you are drawn to come on this journey with me, whether you are facing your inner divine masculine or your outer divine masculine, contact me.  I support your willingness to enable a full recognition of the opening to the beloved, by discovering how your inner and outer masculine self can reach awakening and wholeness.  Together we can create ceremonies to release the past patterns, to face any ancestral bones of the history we carry and move through to a glorious sense of aliveness.  We are all ready.



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