Dear Beloveds

This is a post for women – and for the men who support us, a big thankyou!  You have a role to play too.

Over the last few weeks I have been facing some gremlins!  Shadows of my past that have been limiting me and stopping me doing my sacred work – financial limitations, relationship blocks, emotional baggage, you name it, I have had it!  I have had to dig deep inside myself, examine hidden parts, my shame, my fears and some history, in order to release nuggets which no longer serving me.  I have found liquid gold in this enquiry, as I release more of my life force to be of service to myself and all of you. I have faced shame, and pain, grief and fears – they are old and they are no longer needed. My body and my being are freer and I feel more alive than ever.

You also may have felt these aspects of your life showing up, forcing you to face your deeper self – whether in relationships, psyche, experience of your self or your work, money, creative life or other, we are all being called to face that which blocks us from being truly our sacred self – we are now being called to be BIG AND BEAUTIFUL and stop limiting ourselves.

I am now calling this ‘Reclaiming Our Sacred Ground’ – this is a deep enquiry into how we can reclaim our birthright as women in this world – how we find our place now on this beautiful planet and in our bodies, how we gift ourselves life and truly feel alive as women today, sharing in the growth of a new way of being which acknowledges, allows and reveres the deep feminine way. It is time.

For many millenium, we have been limited, put down, not been able to express our expansive, sacred, creative, visionary and beautiful selves fully in the world. Due to patriarchy and the history of our civilizations, our female being, our bodies, our wisdom has been hidden. We have been unable to fully be visible in the everyday as sacred beings, which all women are – NO MORE!

It is time for us to rise up and find ourselves, find our voices, our vision, our art, our gifts and be real in the world, to be seen as we are and to shape the world from our own being, not from the outside in, but from the inside out ( more of this in future courses and blogs!)

How do we do this, you may ask ?  Well, one of the first steps  is to embrace our beauty and power, acknowledging all the gifts we have been given – think of the times you have denied these – how did this feel to you, to not acknowledge those wonderful aspects of yourself which feed your sense of wholeness and love – whether they are your creative gifts, your ability to be with others, your visionary self, your art, your relationship self, your capacity as healer, mother, or other….can you begin to fully reclaim these in your life,  returning to yourself, not denying any longer?

Exercise – Take a Journal – make a list – what are your gifts – take note of how you feel while you do this….. try and be gentle and loving with yourself rather than critical. You may want two lists, ones you can acknowledge, and ones you are yet to believe in.

Then of this list, choose three – commit to growing these gifts, sharing these in some tangible way that serves you and others.  Feed these gifts every day for a week.  Each day note in some way how you have done this, either in a journal or other – Were you able to believe more in yourself? Were you able to establish more these gifts in your life?  How did you feel serving yourself ?  Di you feel expansive, more alive, more loving of yourself?  Or did it show up the shame, guilt, pain, frustration, fear or other emotion, of not having yet expressed them?  Give yourself time to allow these gifts to surface – all feelings are ok, and need to be expressed in order to be released.  Use art, writing, poetry, sharing, dancing, moving, meditation,  to release these into the world more and see if you can truly begin to reclaim your sacred ground.

It is so easy for us as women to deny our gifts, our sense of self, our abilities and our being in the world today, even though we have had many years of feminism and goddess cultures – Now is the time to not deny yourself.  You, your gifts, are needed by the world – now more than ever.

Join me as I establish our community for those who are now reclaiming our sacred ground and truly coming home to ourselves.  There will be many opportunities, on line, face to face to grow into this sense of standing tall and being whole.  It is such a beautiful and exciting experience to feel that you can at last be seen as who you are.

By reclaiming our sacred ground, we reclaim ourselves, our passions, our visions, our relationships, our financial wealth, our health and wellbeing, our sense of ourselves in the earth and in our bodies, and our feminine wisdom.  Are you ready?

We will be sharing in a private facebook page as we grow together into this sacred ground of our soul self in life.  Mother gaia needs us, we need each other and we need to show up to be ourselves at this time in the world when so much is out of control and no longer serves us as women.  This is the time to reveal and find ourselves.

I so look forward to this journey with you all.   Like this blog and comment to let me know what you need next. I am still growing this enquiry, as this is one of my own promises to myself – to show up and not deny my gifts to the world.  Watch for more offerings in the coming months and more suggestions of how to reclaim your sacred ground with me..  Comment if you wish, share a promise you have made to yourself, – we are together in this enquiry.

with much love and namaste for now

Anna Tara  xx

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