With thanks to Outi for the artwork.

Sometimes there are times of dark and deep feelings on the path to the beloved, during which we feel as if our heart are in a damp, dismal cave, we cannot breathe or find the light we know is there, and we are separate, isolated from those we love, from ourselves and from our sense of growth.

These times can feel penetratingly claustrophobic, we feel lost and alone, and we forget why we are on this path. We may reach into our inner divine selves, and find the inner masculine beloved as a rigid power mad crazy being who only wishes to control and deny feelings, or he may be so passive and so lost in his own sensitivity, in an attempt to understand the feminine that he has forgotten his own right to true wise power.

Or we may find the inner divine feminine as a soft, and open portal who no longer has boundaries, who sacrifices herself on the alter of caring love, in the name of compassion but with no sense of self preservation, and who is so deep in her feelings that she is lost to the everyday. Or she may have engaged with the fire of her own deeper power, and discover a searing anger, rightfully hers, but she finds herself burnt as she reaches the flames that touch all who remember those past abuses done in the name of past masculine atrocities.

Beloveds, when we reach this stage of the journey, when we touch the blackness of the archetypal inner beloveds, as we surely will on this journey towards wholeness, reach deep into your heart, find the key of golden light which is there, give yourself compassion and forgiveness, give gratitude that you have reached this stage of the journey, and recognise that you do this not just for yourselves but for all our land and our people who are learning to change the way we relate to ourselves, the earth and our relationships.

Allow out any emotions and sounds which need to emerge, dance your dance of release, move your body, feel into your flow of being, movement and stillness, feel your bodies change and transform these ancient patterns, for you are on this path for a reason, all of you who are joined with me now, and we are all transforming ourselves into the harmony of our inner and outer beloveds, whether we are in relationship or not, and learning to move beyond the duality which has been the male and female, to a sense of wholeness.

Today, now, as you read this, breathe into your own inner sense of your divine beloveds, feel where you are touching this archetypal pain, and allow it to be released and healed harmlessly, so that we can, all of us, bring back the masculine and feminine to their rightful places within us and without, so we can loosen the duality which for too long has held sway over most of humanity.
Namaste to you all. Anna

Artwork by Outi with thanks

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