With thanks to Josephine Wall for the artwork

Dearest beloveds – There are many ways to find our inner and outer beloved.  Both the inner and outer are the same, yet different, each holding facets of our deeper masculine and feminine divine selves, each leading us towards wholeness, helping us to find the love-harmony that is our true conscious divine right as human beings: When we begin to recognise how deeply we are love in totality, both within and without, any relationship simply reflects this;  the need is not to become complete within the relationship as we are already complete within ourselves.

Within a conscious growthful relationship, in which both parties are  willing to shape, move, flow, deepen, transform, and be joy,  as well as pain, we may discover over time our true inner beloved, or we may have already found this….

The reverse is also true – only by knowing, feeling, holding, recognising, honouring, exploring and being with our true inner beloved, can we ever welcome into our lives a person who represents the outer beloved.  Seeking within ourselves, deep in our heart, our soul, our psyche, our sexual being, and our bodies, we unravel the formless quality of love which is the deepest truth we can hold –  this takes form in the inner beloved self first, who harmonises us, brings us to balance, and enables wholeness. Then, and only then may we meet another who is also on this path of wholenesss, ready to be our beloved.  This is the other way……

Sometimes our outer beloved may not truly mirror our inner beloved, because we have yet to transcend the deeper sacredness that the harmonics of our inner beloved demands of us. Sometimes we discover on this path of belovedness, that our outer beloved has lessons for us we are yet to face.  Often-times on the journey within and without, we discover that we are not as aligned in our wholeness as we wish, for we are only human.  We may feel, for example the trigger of woundedness, which is simply a hurt unforgiven, or we may experience a shift, as one beloved moves into a different stage of love consciousness – How we manage this is a significant part of growth towards true beloved-ness, if we have chosen the path of relationship to become whole and beloved.

Once we have established a profound relationship with our  inner beloved, we feel guided to always know how to be and act in any outer relationship.  Our inner beloved-ness, our wholeness and our sense of inner and outer divinity, guides us with wisdom, strength, self love and joy to truly follow a path of growth and love which can transcend even the deepest of beloved relationships.  Even our sexuality can be completely satisfied when our inner beloved relationship is expressed, experienced and honoured.

There may be times when it is right to move beyond the outer beloved relationship; when the love, the expression, the experience of shared love does not match the calling of our inner beloved’s voice or being; when one partner is  moving into a different stage or time of their own growth and the journey  together feels more separate ; when there is a sense that a particular aspect of the soul contract of coming together is over, and a particular lesson has been learnt.  Al these are examples of times when it is appropriate to consider the beloved relationship is over.   Though this may be a painful part of the journey towards true beloved-ness, it is one that often we can reach when on a path of growth to sacred wholeness  –  we wish only for love and joy and yet discover disharmony, pain and woundedness.

Other times, our deepest most beautiful inner beloved guides our way into and beyond woundedness, lessons, pain and challenge, and deeper into trust, openness and a depth of heart, soul, love and sexuality impossible to describe, it is so  untrammelled, unchartered, divine and ecstatic.  At these times, the true depth of beloved relationships are the source of infinite joy and love, and show us the capacity to find sacredness within and without.

Sometimes, beloved relationships are fleeting, unreliable, hard to capture, painful, and yet deeply joyful.  They may be time limited.  But they may also be for life, for ever, for many years, as beloveds deepen their love, joy, growth, wholeness and life’s path together and separately.  There is, in this form of beloved relationship, no right or wrong, and no map that can help us chart the way, other than our own inner knowing.

How to honour, to discover, to sustain and to recognise our inner beloved and indeed our outer beloved, is one of the most significant paths of this age.

The beloved relationship is based on the true way of sacred heart.  Each of us have the capacity to feel within ourselves this harmonised wholeness,  a direct link to divine love, to source, to  feel our true  masculine and feminine divine selves in balance, to face and heal  wounds which limit who we are. We are now reaching a stage of consciousness on earth where we are able to move into a sacredness, a growth, a potential previously unseen or experienced, as the balance between the masculine and the feminine forces needs to become more harmonised.  We the beloveds are experiencing this, not only for ourselves and our own growth but for the growth of society, for humanity, for the earth and for our children.  We the beloveds now wish to bring this into our consciousness, as love, the true centre of all life, is emerging. Love is  the only force that can truly transform us, within and without.

So the first step is always to search deep within, torchlight at the ready as you drink into your deepest innermost self, for the aspects of love you desire to seed, grow and expand on. Know that all of us are entitled to be love, to know love, to feel love and to recognise the wisdom of our inner beloveds, to guide our lives now.  We are ready, to begin our true journey on earth.  Namaste.


With grateful thanks to  Alex Grey (alexgrey.com)  for the use of his artwork.

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