Dearest beloveds

Happy Equinox to you all – what does this mean to you?

For me the equinox is a gateway into the divinity of nature – our new growth within and without, that seed of burgeoning life which is my vital sense of self, and which is expressed outwardly in nature becoming softer, opening to the warmth, the new roots deepening and the seeds shooting out of the earth.  –

It is the blowing wind of fire, a dragon of awakening, bringing new directions, new visions, new thoughts of life and art, beauty and love.

It is the balance between inner and outer, when the world is at a sense of stasis – the days are equal to the nights, the dark is equal to the light, but there is a new opening in the breath and in my body, which can feel like  moistness within, the fertile ground for my newness

It is the time for lovers, for sacred sexual beauty, for art, for creative juices to flow – for the rainbow of merging life to reach and climb the ladder of manifestation, and for ecstasy to be placed as a portal to life – in joy and in balance.  This does not mean there are no times of pain, or disharmony,  for nature is finding her balance just as we aim to find ours – but our true human nature once again has the opportunity to be fulfilled, to link to  our earth, mother gaia, who is always benevolent if we trust, honour and respect her needs : for then we share her growth and her wisdom, and our bodies interrelate to her body, and our being entwines with hers.

This equinox I urge you to go inward to ask your body, linking her or him to mother gaia, what is it you wish to manifest in your life today to reach a greater level of fulfilment, love, service and joy?  What seed can you plant at this time which can be supported by the flow of the earth’s juices?  How can you water this seed, so that you move beyond your current sense of self to a more flowing, grateful, deeply human life lived in truth and in honouring your being? What will serve your need to be yourself at this time in your life?

This is what I will be doing tomorrow night, when I will be holding another of my beautiful Thursday evenings  in Bristol UK – in honour of the work of Opening to the Beloved – we will be honouring our body knowledge, reflecting on the time of the equinox as a beautiful time of deepening to what we truly hold of value in our lives now – we will be reaching for more growth and transformation, finding our fierce love and our true right as human beings at these times of change to find our magnificent self.

May you all find what you seek at this time of the year, and may those in the world who are touching pain and fragility, darkness and despair, feel some sense of comfort for their losses and pain.  The earth is truly in a time of change and turbulence, we are all thrown at times in the wind of chaos, and this is the nature of growth and newness – pray with me for a time when we can once again live in harmony and in love with earth and her seasons. .



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