It is time we faced threats with love……. Always…This does not mean we allow the threat to materialise – this does not mean we allow bullying to make us into victims – no, quite the opposite, it allows us to take a stand based on love not fear, open not closed hearts.  We can then act to reduce the threat and disarm, making love the factor that rules the conclusions.  Love dissolves fear, from which all threats come……

Today I faced an ancient threat – the embodiment of intolerance, bullying of a male to a female, and the rigidity of rules which cannot allow for humanity…. These are issues we meet daily in our lives, at times they come close, at times they are distant and we do not need to hold them close..but they are changing..
Today I was able to feel into my body, face this needless attack and manage it in a loving, caring but clear way. As a strong, vulnerable, heart based awakened woman, I feel it is now more in my power to transform such threats into harmless acts of attempts at control.. They are based on fear, and so I held the fear deep in my belly and my heart, seeking out where I still held my own fears, allowing them to dissolve till all I could feel again was the love. My body knows the truth, and so I was able to move beyond a sense of fear towards….. the love for myself, a knowing for this man who was so determined to get his way, the love of the ancient male within who has destroyed his sensitivity so much that he cannot connect to his feelings,and love of humanity, for we are  learning a new way of being, one based on love not fear, truth not lies. I felt into my body knowledge and knew that I was facing it both for me personally, another lesson in letting go of fear, and for those of us now emerging into a more balanced, more harmonious sense of masculine and feminine within all of us – I flowed into and out of this sense of fear and love as two ends of a delicate continuum, recognising that only when I face my own fears and dissolve them can love fully open my heart…… And so I dedicate my actions to the growth of this man who is not aware of my work, to all awakening men who are consciously facing their own fears and opening to love, and to all of us who are growing into the true beloved within and without. We are transforming our world, within us and without,  changing and renewing our sense of love, believing now in its power,  till it is all pervasive…. Namaste

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