Dear Beloveds

I have recently been blessed with a new role ; that of becoming a grandmother, a crone of ancient times who has a child of my lineage.  I am in such awe at this role and have been reflecting on the meaning for me at this time in my life, for it holds deep resonance of ancestral wisdom and future teachings. I am deep in the hum of my inward cave self, discovering where in my diamond past I can find the jewels to share for a future generation.  I hope to discover them over time, and am totally in joy for this new life I am a part of……..

As a grandmother, I hold ancient responsibility to my tribe, my family, my ancestry, my lineage and to all who as mothers and keepers of womb knowledge, wish to pass on our heritage.  We are gifted by virtue of our wombs and our lifetime.  I am honoured to be known as one such person.

But with this new role comes a lesson- or two – how to be a grandmother in this day and age : How to truly link into this new soul who has landed on mother earth at such a portentious time for all of us: How to really bring this role into the next generation, and to enable my being to link into my grandchild’s in such a way as to acknowledge the past, present and future and still be present.:How to ensure that I am available when needed, to support their growth into life on earth.  This is not a task to take on lightly.

Being a grandmother and crone, I have felt for many years my connection to mother earth as one of midwifing the new way, the way of feminine values, the path of flowing and trust, the gentle but powerful listening path.  This path allows the trees to whisper their wisdom to me, the animals to call me when they need me or indeed I them, and allows the winds, the waters and the soil to all give up their knowledge when I need them, and can be of use. I have held the stars in my hands as I have turned over the wisdom of ages to bring in this age of change, and I have travelled for aeons to ensure all those around me have been touched as I have by love.

I am a channel.  I have always been a channel.  For the connection of humanity to this earth.  For the bringing in of bright love into beautiful life in order to link them together.  For the healing of the planet, of male and female and of our being in body  I have always been this channel. It is in my blood, to embrace the oracle role, the shaman role, the priestess role.. and it is an ancient path connected to Shekinah and Lilith, Tara and Kali.  I hold this path dear in my heart.

Now I am a channel for my family too.  I am becoming this channel thanks to the very new role of individual grandmother, different to the mother earth grandmother role I have always held.  Concealed from me till recently, I now feel I am invested with a particular essence of clarity and beauty, for my family has not been a happy family, with its history often tainted by darkness and mistrust, as is often the way with those of us who are tasked with bringing in the light. I am a being of joy and light, growth and ecstasy,and I wish to gift the joyous discoveries I have made in my own life, to this new soul, so that my family path, so fraught in the past, can be transformed, just as I have transformed myself.

As a channel, I wish to hold the vision of gentleness and joy even as this new baby cries and shakes herself into her body, and brings with her lessons of life and harmony. Each new baby holds hope of new life and healing, each new grandmother offers arms outstretched to receive and light the path, so that not all is lost from a lifetime of lessons. This particular channel is now ready to share some of those lessons, even if the past generations were mired in stickiness and confusion.  My role as grandmother is not to let this remain the truth.  It is to allow, through me, a new way of life to emerge which can affect all who come after.

I am a grandmother now in all ways — I feel the channel of light pour through my veins, lighting the way to profound newness, and I am blessed to be both an earth grandmother and a familial grandmother.

Glory be….. to all grandmothers at this time of change on earth.

Namaste to you all.

Anna xx

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