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We are living in unprecedented times. We are being asked to step up as never before and face such chaos and confusion within our world, within our relationships, within ourselves that we are challenged, and shaken deep to our core. This is not a time to hold back any more, all of my senses tell me this.

Recently I experienced a deep upheaval- during this time I kept hearing the words ‘ It is time, it is time.’ And I wondered what for……

So now I am going to share regular channelled words and writings, for my guides, my spiritual self and my knowings, to share and explore what needs to be heard, felt and examined, as it is time… for me to step up, for us all to step up, to be myself and share from my heart to yours….  Now is not the time for me to be invisible any more. Even though I am not sure yet what this phrase means, I am opening to all the possibilities and taking my own leap of faith..

The huge massive phrase I hold deep in my heart  is…

‘Be whole now’-

This is the new mantra for our time, it is time to be ‘whole’  and to remove the fragmentation from our body, soul, spirit,  sex, emotion and being.  We have been fragmented for too long.

Whenever I feel disjointed, it is because I come from a place of separation- an ancient, long created separation where sex and spirit, masculine or yang, and feminine or yin, earth and heaven, light and dark, inner and outer are all divided.  Where somewhere in our history and cosmos, there occurred a split which divided us, divided our lives, our earth and our bodies.  We experienced a profound split between sex and spirit, and have been unable to recognise since that time,  the deepest spiritual part of ourselves which is our sexuality.  We split between masculine and feminine, believing they were divided and could not be harmonious within us and without.  We split the outer and the inner, head and heart, feeling the world as focused on the doing side of life , not recognising the invisible, the emotional, the visionary or the energetic .  But this is not true life any more.  Life, the earth, our way, is changing.   The deep feminine is returning, and with it a sense of integration for both men and women, a deeper sense of wholeness, fullness and expansion, like we have never seen before.  We are ready, even if we feel we are not. We are ready, to feel whole, to believe in  our true use of our senses and our bodies.  We deserve this..

Each one of us holds, within ourselves, the key to reclaiming this wholeness and healing the split, the separation and fragmentation in all of our being, which causes us to believe we are separate and not connected.  It is an ancient inheritance which needs to change, for it leads to a sense of aloneness,  apartness, and often a sheer diminishing of who we are in every capacity.  We do not deserve this any  more.  We deserve now to reclaim our wholeness, our magnificent expanded self which incorporates all these parts which were separated many many millions of years ago.

When I say in my new mantra ‘I am whole’, I begin to feel, to glimpse, to embrace my true radiant being, linked to who I truly am in every moment, what our world truly is and what all of us are capable of.  When I feel myself embracing ‘I am whole’ then  I know and feel where I can embrace and reach my true magnificence without these ancient splits in my body,sex and soul.

So we are now all being asked to step up, to reach back into our connectedness, where we are all linked, in which we can feel that our sexual being is the deepest most beautiful part of being alive which brings with it the flow of life.  We are all connected, and in this connection we all have an impact on each other.  Each of us, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, are inter-related.  What I feel and think affects you, and what you feel and think affects me.  I am whole, and in my wholeness I wish to link to your wholeness, and yours, so that we can all, all reach our true magnificence as human beings, and shine our lights out into the world.

We owe it to ourselves, to our family and friends, our loved ones and beloveds, our earth and all who live on her, to reach into ourselves, heal the split of fragmentation and live life from our hearts and wholeness today.

I am whole……Use this mantra daily to bring yourself back to who you truly are…

I am open to comments and responses to this series of blogs now – I will try and answer you all, but if you send obscene or profane responses I will probably block you.  Our site is for growth, radiance and magnificence

Deep namaste to you all

Anna xxx

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