Reclaiming & Awakening – Events: New RETREAT Days FOR men and women

Dates: More coming soon or contact me for an individual retreat – I offer them throughout the year

Venue: Mendip or near Glastonbury

Cacao Ceremony, Ritual, Sharing and Emergence into Awakening

Welcome to the new day retreats on Reclaiming & Awakening – for women and men.  We share in sacred circle, vision quest for our year ahead, and let go of patterns and wounds no longer needed.

We will share, dance, move, explore, deepen, move through feelings and art work, offer up our wounds, allow the cacao ceremony to deepen all of our visions to begin to create our new being in the world.

My path is embodied, female, grounded, and earth based – I welcome women and men who are ready to embrace your own unique magnificence now – we hold the philosophy that all of us have a unique part of the picture – reclaiming our true path as warriors of the heart, mothers,father, lovers, daughters, sons,artists, teachers, leaders and more…

Come to unfold more of your true awakening self in the safety of this circle.

Magic happens on these events – you will leave with gifts -some conscious  others perhaps hidden, waiting for their time to birth!

Fees: vary – offer what you can…

Please contact me here for details on how to pay 

With movement and touch, meditation and journeying, sharing, art work and journaling, we weave a deep and safe circle for us to discover our true being and relinquish old wounds we no longer need.

I look forward to hearing from you, with love Anna xx

“I was drawn instinctively to Anna’s group, even though I had not been to anything like it before. I’ve not been disappointed and leave feeling connected, nourished, and revitalised. Her groups have made a big difference to my life.”


“Anna is so welcoming, and the way she leads us on our journeys into ourselves, is very gentle, but effective. She makes me feel very safe in the space and I love her guided meditations.”

“I have found my experiences in these workshops led by Anna to be deeply transformative and inspirational. I would highly recommend this kind of quality time with yourself and others to everybody in the whole world!”


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