Welcome to the Online Page 

Here you can Check out Current Courses, sign in, and pay your donation or fee.

You may already know where to sign in on zoom – if not I will send out these details. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Women’s Circles  of Support –

Based on Reclaiming our Sacred Ground groups ( see separate page for details)

Next Dates : Tuesday  tba

7.30-9.00 BST via Zoom


Donation of your Choice- £5.00

Donation of you choice – £10.00

Mixed Council Brothers & Sisters Gathering – Details below.

Next dates :  TBA

7.30 – 9.00 BST via Zoom


Donation of your choice – £5.00

Donation of your choice – £10.00

Donation of your choice – £20.00

Donation of your choice – £50.00 for 4 weeks

Mixed Council Meetings Online :

Welcome to our Friday circle where we meet in council together:

+ To share our deep heart’s longing
+ To connect with each other over the airwaves and in our bodies
+ To deepen into our wisdom at this time so we may be able to use our gifts as we wish and need.
+ To support each other and ourselves at this most unusual time.
+ To explore all resources we may need or wish to offer, as a growing tribe.
+ To grow together and separately as we hope to create something new.

Expect to experience:
– Some silences
– Some sharing
– Some meditation
– Some exciting ideas or visions
– Some exercises
– Some challenge
– Some new or arising feelings

All that arises will be welcome within the container of our meetings – the main criteria is that you are willing and able to stay present with your embodied experience at this time, respect another’s journey and vision, to listen as well as talk.
Mother Earth and the great grandfathers and grandmothers will guide us at this time.
For those who don’t know me, please check out this website to feel if you resonate with my style. I feel it as time to gather as tribes and in communities even at a distance, to begin or continue our journeys together.
I have suggested a small donation of £5.00 or £10.00 payable above, but please come if finances are currently not easy… You are most welcome.

Timing :
We meet online at 7.30- 9.00 BST on some Fridays,
Next dates :  As above       

Once you have paid your donation you will be sent the Zoom link.

Our doors shut at 7.45.   Thankyou.

I look forward to meeting you there…

with very much love
Anna Grace-Jacobs x

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