There has been a longing within me, for deep connection to brothers for a few years now… longing for brothers who can hold me, guide me at times, connect and be connected to, listen and teach me the ways of man…. I have found the absence of brothers in my life a truly sore spot in my heart… this comes from way back in my lineage and my life… Where are you my brothers?

I long for brothers who are soul friends and kindred ; brothers who could become lovers, even partners;  brothers who are there to teach and guide me in their ways, whether of the land, of wisdom garnered over the years, of creative tools; brothers to sing and dance with and make art with;  and brothers who are simply there to have fun with.

We conscious awakening women, emerging back into our goddess selves, long for our masculine divine brothers with all our souls and spirit.. brothers who are beginning to recognise themselves as men of power, love, vulnerability and honour ; men awakening to their own wounds and learning to heal and accept all parts… men with feelings, who can honour their anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, the hurts of the past yet not let this rule their true being any more… and those who recognise and consciously develop their own inner union so when masculine meets feminine, in whatever way he or she shows up, we are whole, not limping and dependant..

I have had a long and sometimes difficult association with brothers, beginning in this lifetime with my own birth brother…. our sibling relationship is fraught as he has disabilities, is autistic, struggled all his life to fit in, and had little empathy for his younger sister, though this has grown – he is both wise and wounded in equal measure – we have had a tortured virtual non relationship – He was my bully and my shadow growing up, and this sadly shaped my expectations in my early years..  my association with brothers was tempered by this history, which caused me to pull away or mistrust. Over the years we have reconnected, and I have learnt to forgive and heal this fracture within me … now my inner male, my inner king begins to stand tall, holding his crown aloft, where he can meet his oak-self in the raw, stand as proud and as tender as the stag and meet the queen in me.  My association with brothers is irretrievably changed.   At last…

Over the last twenty or more years….I have met and loved some beautiful men… and been loved by them also.- I have danced with the stags and found them tender and wise, ready to welcome me. I have learnt to love my inner male king..But to have a true brotherhood around me, those I can call deep soul brothers, those who know me as I know them, who are willing to call me out if I am in the wrong, who are honest, and full of integrity, and whose wisdom I can trust, and who trust me… I have known very few of these…I know you are there… somewhere. I am ready…. we are ready.

Brothers… wherever you are….you are of my tribe, those I know and those not yet met…You open your hearts and are not afraid of your passions, your life force, your sexual energy, your shadows, your fears.   You are not ruled by limitation but by abundance and hope… you represent the world’s future not the world’s past..  you are consciously opening to new ways of being a male in this world of change and disruption.. and you connect openly to women who are of this new way also…

In the next few weeks, a beautiful soul sister and I are opening a portal for new community in which we wish more brothers to meet us at this place of honesty and connection.  If this is you and you live nearby to Somerset UK, or even if you are not and this calls to you.. message me and we can begin to connect… We need to reach out to each other, brothers and sisters, like never before…look up the Invite page of this website if you are interested …I know brothers are waking up around the world, and it is time meet you now…. It is time……

With love Anna xx

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