I am going to say this out- loud for all who read this….I am in a beloved relationship, and we love each otherAnd we are consciously exploring what comes next…….You see – we are love, we do love, we express love together…and its not always easy.  

As we grow and become the integrated divine beloveds we are, we may choose to no longer be in relationship, but be more friends, or evolve in other ways….We have particular histories, as everyone does, and particular needs and issues. So…So the question becomes…Do we separate? Do we stay together?

But is this really the right question?Perhaps the better question,  or questions, for those who are facing this journey with consciousness is –How much more can I learn from my beloved and he( or she), from me?Am I still growing? Am I still open to all the ways I have not yet fully opened my heart? Is he still growing? What more is there for him to learn and to open to?Do I fully commit to my journey of opening to the beloved? Does he?In what ways are we avoiding our growth and our love?  Are we equally on this journey… and if not , can we somehow change this?

You see I truly live and breathe what I offer here….I want this for you too – for you to feel that you are in an opening to the beloved relationship WITH YOURSELF first, and that this then is reflected in your outer relationships.Having an inner relationship with your beloved allows you to begin to fall in love WITH YOURSELF FIRST, so that you can see, feel and care for the inner divine self, male and female, and gently take him and her by the hand along the path of life.If you cannot do this, then your outer relationships will simply represent the scarred, needy and wounded parts of you, and your love may well not serve a beautiful purpose of growth and juicy joy.

Sometimes,  the relationship has served its purpose and you are no longer meant to be together. Your work, your learning together is done….. this is not failure, however, as  this represents success, you have grown, achieved more learning, self learning, open hearted learning…… You do not have to have an outer relationship to be on this path …..though it can often lead to one, one that is deeply satisfying, growthful, loving and fulfilling, as well as painful, challenging, and more……My beloved and I are currently on this enquiry…. how much further can we go?

We have reached a point of statis – somehow on our journey we are recognising that something has to change for us to grow more in love, and we have to ask ourselves if we are ready for those changes, or have we integrated all we can in this particular time of growth together.  We may need to explore new lessons of growth elsewhere……It is not a failure to admit this – but neither is it right if we are truly avoiding some fears, letting go of more patterns, allowing truly sexual and loving harmony in, etc……. Being an inner and outer beloved equally,,,,, we wish to truly embody this…. Can we?I am truly committed to my path of opening to the beloved, and so my enquiry will be, where am I on this path of opening so that my outer beloved truly reflects my inner beloved………. I will let you know how we proceed as we move further on to explore some of the answers…..If you are also at this stage in your life, consider booking  a session or a Skype session with me to explore where your growth lies…….We are on this path together….much love for nowAnnaxxx

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